"Th. DIMITROULAKOS SA " founded in 1996 characterized by continuous and evolutionary progress over time with consistency and responsibility . Founder and president is Theodoros Dimitroulakos , which is engaged in manufacturing storage systems since 1967 with continuous knowledge and training in the field of storage and shop equipment .


It is worth noting that the "Th. DIMITROULAKOS SA ' ranks in recent years in a row in the 100 most profitable companies at metal manufactures in  Greek market .


The company intends to maintain its important position in the domestic market and continue to have 35,000 satisfied customers who have trusted and continue to work perfectly with it . The growth of the company is aimed at European and global recognition of the Greek business.




1981 - Starts the personal company " Theodore Sot . Dimitroulakos "with industrial characte and passion to create, established at Agiou Orous Street, Votanikos.

1982 - Creation of the first retail store and distribution of company’s products to the general public a few meters away from the industrial area at Iera Odos 57.

1985 - The fire flares up and the creation of the small industrial area of Agiou Orous Street transferred to Kokkinos Milos in a larger space for the development of a better production unit.

1986 - 1989 - Purchases of machinery succeed each other with result the company begins to occupy major share of the domestic market in the metal shelves .

1990 - Becomes the first purchase of land for the construction of private facilities that will establish the first production center at Schimatari .

1992 - Starting the export of selving units in packages (DIY) in Germany , France and Belgium .

1995 - A second retail store opens in New Ionia serving the Attica region .

1996 - The company converted from an individual to a PLC company with its current title " Th.Dimitroulakos SA" and completed the first privately-owned industrial space .

1998 - The first new technology machine CNC - Punching enters the machinery of the company and begins the design of new systems

2000 - Second -owned building company in Shimatari is true comes to establish two new machines the first is a power bender from Salvagnini  House and  Plasma from Micro Step.

2002 – Roll forming machines added to the machinery list of the company and automated production of pallet racking and shelving Picking at high altitudes begins .

2004 - The high output demands are pushing us to greater investment machinery of a Laser  Salvagnini with automatic feeding and de- feeding uptime 24/7 . Also made ​​the purchase of land in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki Sindo .

2005 - The headquarters and main exhibition at Shimatari is the fact , the main exhibition operate as retail store  for Voiotia, Evia and Central Greece .

2007 – Competition of expansions in Schimatari establish the new modern painting and packaging line of Logistic Center, with a total coverage of covered areas in Shimatari reach the 7500m2.

2008 - The mechanical equipment is enriched with two new Robot welding machines for Cloos.

2009 - The company proceeds to a purchase of a very modern – high automated bending line   of  Salvagnini.

2010 - The completion of the facilities owned private 3500m2 in the Industrial area of Sindos and store Northern Greece opens in October of that year .

2013 - The main branch in Athens Iera Odos 54 develop doubling the size to better serve the public growing storage and a variety of products.