Production Capabilities

Th. DIMITROULAKOS SA produces a wide range of products for storage and display systems.


It specialized in the following systems:


- Slotted angles shelves .

- FINO shelves with bolts  in packet (DIY).

- Stands for Super Market & shops .

- RIGID selves lightweight with bolt free .

- Medium duty shelves (MIDI RACK).

- Pallet Racking Systems (HEAVY RACK).

- DRIVE IN system for storing pallets based on LIFO methods & F.I.F.O.

- CANTILEVER shelves with a wide range of loading .

- Metallic Cabinets & lockers in packets (DIY) .

- Metallic Organizer drawers with plastic drawers / boxes .


The manufacturing facilities are fully equipped with cutting machines, forming , processing and modern oil removal unit - paint tunnel -industrial oven .

Our process ensures that each product  accept minimal mechanical stress which have us result to not exhaust even at extreme conditions.

That is why over the years we remain the first choice of those who believe that you invest in quality just once


Except of course the products we produce, we also trade a wide range of products, which provide solutions to every lack of space or special storage need :


- Plastic bins boxes .

- Shopping Carts and baskets super market.

- Wire stand.

- Slat Panels.

- Hooks for hanging .

- Signing Materials .

- Tools for shelves installation.


The latest technology machines of Th. DIMITROULAKOS SA and its skilled staff is ready to provide the appropriate solution possible to meet any storage or display need.